warning labels

The owners of Vlts and Slot machines in Canada, which are the citizens of each province, have posters in the establishments which house them, that tell the players to:

• Play Smart

• Gamble responsibly

• Always Set a limit, Stay within it

• Think about how you spend your time and money

And yet our research shows that the games on these machines:   

  1. undermine the player’s ability to gamble responsibly
  2. encourage players to play continuously and excessively
  3. lead normal gamblers into financial loss
  4. mess with the player’s head
  5. entice the players in a dis-associative state 
  6. entice the players to lose control of money, time and frequency of sessions 
  7. prevent players from making controlled, informed and rational decisions
  8. encourage the players to chase their losses
  9. make gambling addicts of people who are not predisposed to addictions
  10. keep players in play until their means are exhausted known as ‘player extinction’
  11. control and alter the player’s behavior into one of addicts
  12. extract the most money possible from players in the shortest amount of time
  13. fool players into thinking the ‘big win’ is just around the corner with 'near wins'
  14. entice players to lose themselves in machines also known as the ‘machine zone’
  15. entice the players to play longer, faster and more intensively
  16. keep players seated at the machines for as long as possible 
  17. reinforce habit-formation and significant loss of control
  18. induce excessive gambling regardless of gambler’s personality
  19. create an addictive reaction resulting obsession quite easily
  20. create a rush of dopamine in the brain that makes people desire continuous play
  21. hypnotize players in a trance that is hard to get out of
  22. absorb the player's attention and distract them from reality
  23. condition players to game operation
  24. produce high event frequency and opportunities for rapid reinvestment
  25. produce the highest rate of responding 
  26. induce specific patterns of response by specific variations of intermittent reinforcement
  27. produce psychologically rewarding experiences even in financially losing situations 

The above mentioned list makes up the WARNING LABELS which we believe should be mandatory and covering at least 75% of each Vlt and Slot machine utilized as 'the people's fundraisers', in the same way the government forces the tobacco companies to print on their packaging. Without warning labels like these, these machines are 'entrapment' rather than 'entertainment' because the citizens are not able to make informed choices when deciding to go play them, and also when deciding to accept or reject them in their communities or as fundraisers for their charity groups. 

We also believe that had these warnings been plastered on each machine when first brought into our communities, many of our fellow citizens would still be alive today and many more would not have lost everything they own, including their families, friends and jobs, nor would so many of them be living with anxiety and depression, nor having suicidal thoughts, nor have committed crimes or shameful acts to feed their addiction nor have gone to jail.