Continuation of two brother's Story

A couple months later, my husband and I met two brothers who owned a bar with Vlts in it. We would often go visit a young family who lived just outside a small town and it was not unusual to run into these brothers since their parents were neighbors to this family. During the time we had acquaintance with them, these brothers had no clue I was severely addicted to the same machines they had in their bar and probably still don’t to this day.

Each time we would run into them, the brothers would express their concerns about their elderly parents spending too much time playing Vlts in their bar. For months they questioned what they could do to stop them from playing as often as they did because they were losing too much money. Finally, about ten months later, they were excited to inform us they had finally convinced their parents to quit playing Vlts. It didn’t surprise me in the least to hear them say how relieved they were but no one will ever know how difficult it was for me to keep my mouth shut that day. 

These two brothers had to know how addictive the machines in their bar were since they had witnessed firsthand their parents struggle with a severe addiction to them. It was difficult for me to hear them proclaim their feat without thinking they were hypocrites. I so wanted to scream out, ‘Please help me understand why it’s okay for other people’s parents to lose all their money in your Vlts and yet it is unacceptable for you to watch your inheritance get sucked up by these machines?' 

I didn’t say anything that day because I was embarrassed and afraid they would find out about my own addiction. Like all other addicts I know, I was afraid to be judged as harshly and quickly as players of these machines are judged. I no longer feel embarrassed or ashamed since I now know my addiction was not a weakness or disease, but rather 'a programmed behavior'!