Letter to Charity Group continued

Chances are like all of us at EGMS.org, your answer would be a definite NO.

The reason we are writing you this letter is to inform you that the fundraisers you make use of to raise funds for your charity group, which are the Slot machines in the casinos you work for a weekend, have all the same properties of the video games we described above, and more.

Did you know that the games on Slot machines DO NOT FACILITATE but rather UNDERMINE the regular player’s ability to play responsibly!  

Did you know that Slot machine players have a 3-4 times higher rate of problem gamblers or that these machines are known throughout the world as ‘the crack cocaine’ of all gambling? 

Were you aware that about 72% of the money you make from Slot machines comes your fellow citizens who have become addicted to them?   

Were you also aware that most of them live with constant depression to the point of wanting to kill themselves because no matter what they try, they can’t quit playing these machines?

But even more concerning, there is roughly 46-55 gambling related suicides per year in Alberta alone? 

We encourage you to read the information on this website to better understand why we call the Slot machines ‘unconscionable fundraisers’.