OUR player behavior quiz

This one-of-a-kind Quiz is based on our personal experiences as regular players of Vlt and slot machines and on our extensive research. Our purpose for offering this quiz is to help other players learn more about themselves and the machines they are playing as entertainment in hopes that it prevents them from going through the horrific experience we went through.   

If you are a regular player of these machines, completing this quiz may save you tens of thousands of dollars, years of stress and depression and possibly your life! The only person who sees your answers is YOU, unless you decide to share them with someone else. The more honest you are when answering these questions, the more accurate your results will be!

Step One – On a piece of paper, make a list of the numbers 1 to 30

 and then answer each question with one of the following letters:

(N) for Never (S) for Sometimes and (A) for Always


  1. Set a limit and then go over it?
  2. Play longer than you intend to? 
  3. Keep thinking ‘the jackpot’ is just around the corner?
  4. Chase your losses?
  5. Play more than one machine at a time?
  6. 'Zone out' or get distracted from reality?
  7. Keep playing until all your money is gone?
  8. Withdraw money from ATMs or credit cards to play longer?
  9. Continue playing after you win?
  10. Feel hypnotized while you play?
  11. Lose track of time and money?
  12. Berate (beat) yourself for not playing responsibly?
  13. Hate leaving a machine after losing a lot of money in it?
  14. Feel guilty during or after you play machines?
  15. Feel like 'a loser' or 'an idiot' for losing control while playing?
  16. Feel anxious or depressed during or after you play?
  17. Play for longer periods at a time than when you began playing machines?
  18. Play faster or more aggressively than you used to?
  19. Feel like you're winning money even when you lose?
  20. Make up excuses to go play machines
  21. Lie (to yourself or others) about the amount of money you lost?
  22. Wish you could stop playing the machines for good?
  23. Behave differently than when you play other games?



Once you have answered all 23 questions listed above, count and write down 

How many you answered with (N) for Never ______

How many you answered with (S) for Sometimes ______ 

How many you answered with (A) for Always ______

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