EGMS's unique healing program, which to date has a high success rate for the Vlt and slot machine players who have committed to it, comprises of the same information the founder of this organization spent hours sharing, either in person, on the phone or by email to each person who reached out to her after reading her book DISMISSED. Due to the sensitivity, extreme shame and secrecy attached to this horrific addiction, this program was specifically designed to be accessed online by anyone with an addiction who needs help.

Although researching the machines destroying her life over a period of seven years, and sharing her information with other players, were both part of Gisele’s healing process, the catalyst which initiated it was reading the following excerpt on page 302 of a report titled Michigan State DCL Law Review, Volume 2003, Summer Issue 2:

if you want to train a laboratory rat to push a button, don’t reward him with a food pellet after every push – vary the number of pushes required for the payoff. Give him a pellet after four pushes one time, 16 the next, then three, then 23. They could stretch the ratio to the point where that rat would literally drop from exhaustion” 

A couple hours later, Gisele found the following you tube video, which clearly and perfectly exemplified what she had just read:  


Later the same day, she went on to write her own theory of why so many Vlt and Slot machine players become addicted by simply replacing a few words in the excerpt she had read earlier: 

“If you want to train players to repeatedly push the spin buttons on gambling machines, don’t reward them with a prize or ‘credits won’ after every spin – vary the number of spins required for the payoffs. Give them a few ‘credits won’ after four spins one time, 16 the next, then three, then 23.  You can stretch the ratio to the point where players literally drop from physical, emotional, spiritual and financial exhaustion”. 

After fourteen years of struggling with a severe addiction, Gisele finally saw the light at the end of the long and very dark tunnel she had stepped into the first time she played Vlts locally. This video provided her with a clear understanding as to why, no matter how hard and often they try, the regular players are unable to play the machines the way the posters in the establishments they frequent tell them to, such as:

o play smart

o  play responsibly

o don’t chase your losses

o  set a budget and stick to it always

o think of the time and money you spend

She understood what researchers from all over the world and our governments have known

for decades, that:

* losing control of time and money

* continuous and excessive play

* not being able to make controlled, informed and rational choices

* and losing touch with reality
are all COMMON and NORMAL experiences for regular players of Vlts and slot  machines AND these machines DO NOT FACILITATE but rather UNDERMINE the regular player’s ability to play responsibly.

For more information, or if you are ready to register for The EGMS AWARENESS, HEALING AND SUPPORT PROGRAM, contact us by emailing egmsorganization@gmail.com