A letter to the players of Vlts and Slot machines

Hi, my name is Gisele, and the reason I am writing you this letter is because I wish I would have read something like it before I began playing Vlts and Slot machines locally. Doing so would have saved me years of anxiety, guilt and depression and very nearly my life and marriage. 

I do not claim to be a psychologist, a trained counselor or an expert of the gambling business but I do claim to be an EXPERT concerning the Vlt and slot machine addiction. I not only experienced a severe addiction to these machines for fourteen years, I researched them for over seven years while still addicted and have continued my research while helping other machine addicts to end their addiction.

I’ve also written a book with my daughter titled DISMISSED, which is about my story as an addict and the shocking discoveries I made during my research. I guess you could say my cost to become such an Expert was well over $500,000.00, fourteen years of hell and a whole lot of research and writing. (You can read more about my story on this website under Gisele's Story.)

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A letter to our fellow citizens

Like most of our fellow citizens, we knew nothing about Vlts and slot machines before and after they were brought into our communities.  I guess we trusted our governments to be honest, open and transparent about the way they chose to ‘enhance the lives of the people’ and to ‘support our charity groups’.

 We didn’t question their decision nor did we take the time to inform ourselves about the true nature of their machines. After all, a government has a duty to protect and serve their citizens. We trusted they would provide the citizens with the facts needed to make informed choices regarding these fundraisers.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until we researched them that we discovered there was way more to these machines than we were being told. 

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A letter to the establishments that house Vlts or Slot machines

We include the following story as a way to share our message with the business owners who house the Vlts and Slot machines in our provinces. It was shared with us by an addicted player whose family and friends had no clue she was even playing these machines, much less addicted to them. 


For days after sharing what I had come to know about VLTs and Slot machines with a few people I know, I was shocked at the lack of compassion for the players who are addicted to these machines. Would they still be so apathetic, I wondered,  if it was their own brother or sister, mother, husband, grandparent, or son and daughter who were experiencing the same horrific addiction.

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A letter to Charity Groups

  Would you allow your children, or grandchildren to play a new video game

 if it was known to: 

* undermine children’s ability to play responsibly

* addict over 60% of the children who play them

*prevent children from making controlled, informed and rational decisions while playing 

* quickly entice children into a dissociative state 

* program the behavior of children who play them regularly into those of addicts

* entice children to play insensibly and excessively to the point of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion

* contain animated spinning reels on the screen that don’t represent the actual reels stored in tables inside them 

* cause children who play them regularly to experience severe guilt, shame and depression

* cause children to lose control of time while playing them

* cause many children to lack sleep, lose friends and do poorly at school

* cause an average of 50 children in your province to commit suicide per year because they can’t quit playing them

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