'any rat, pigeon or human can be trained to become addicted'

In order to train people to push the spin button continuously and excessively on Vlts and Slot machines, in other words, to addict players without them knowing it, they must be rewarded with a ‘prize’ (or credits won) intermittently. THE NUMBER OF SPINS required for a ‘prize’ must be varied. Give the player a ‘prize’ after 5 spins one time, 14 the next, then 3, then 26... (rewarding only sometimes creates an obsessive reaction).

AND as important, THE VALUE OF THE ‘PRIZES’ must vary. A player must be paid hundreds and hundreds of ‘prizes’ of let’s say 2 credits each or 5 or 10 or even 25 and very rarely larger ‘prizes’, for example, of 250 credits and even less of 1000 or more credits. 

Intermittent Prizes (credits won) AND varying the amounts of those prizes, are two vital components of the ‘schedule of reinforcement’ that is part of the highly addictive program hidden inside gambling machines. These can be manipulated in such a way that they can lead the players to continually and excessively push the spin button to the point of physical, mental, emotional and financial exhaustion, and for some to the point of committing suicide as their only way to stop their severe addictive behavior.

And, tragically, throughout this process, the gambling machine addicts OR their loved ones OR the millions of citizens enjoying the BILLIONS of dollars derived from these addicts, have no way of knowing that the behavior of the players has been altered into one of addicts by the program hidden inside these machines .

To help you better understand how I came up with my Trained Rat Theory, look up the following You Tube video listed below. This video was the catalyst which helped me fully and finally understand what an expert in gambling machines from Toronto, Ontario had been trying to tell me for a few years while doing my research; "it's not you who's sick but rather the machines that are making you sick":

Click here for Video:  

This video sparked a belief that I could actually end my addiction because it was indeed not a disease or a weakness, nor was it because I was predisposed to an addictive behavior, or because I was not strong or faithful enough. As long as I believed I was a deficient and flawed human being (a belief maintained by most treatment programs and society in general), I had no hope of overcoming this horrid addiction. Watching this video was the beginning of my healing process and I make sure to tell each person who contacts me for help with their machine addiction. 

This video also explained why I had never had problems with the Slot machines in Las Vegas in all the years my husband and I visited there once or twice a year. The machines I played in that city all those years ago were by far as expertly developed to addict players as they are today. But more importantly, because we would only stay in Las Vegas for 4-10 days at a time, these machines never had time to do what they are designed to do, which is for 'player extinction', as Dr. Natasha Schull explains in her book titled Addiction By Design. (This book is another one EGMS recommends to machine players so they can better understand their addiction).  Were I to live in Las Vegas for months at a time and play slot machines on a regular basis, there is no doubt in my mind I would become as severely addicted as I did here in Alberta.  There's a huge difference between people having to go 1000 miles to go play machines for a few days then having these highly addictive and harmful machines easily accessible in most communities across Canada and calling them 'entertaining fundraisers'.